The Feathered Horse Farm

The Feathered Horse Farm Mission Statement- �We care for your horse as we do our own�. We care for all the horses entrusted to us as if they were ours! Rest assured, your horse will love it here!

Where We Began…..2003

In 2003 we completed the barn which had been a work in automatenspiele kostenlos. My husband built the barn, with mobile casino no deposit bonus. The original plan was to have one or two horses at “some point in the future.” In less than casino automatenspiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung……

2005……down came the trees!�

By 2005 we owned two Friesians and we were boarding both of them at a local barn. We now had a new barn, with three big stalls, but no area cleared for turnout. It was time to clear some trees, and bring our “Feathered” friends home. We sent the trees out to a local mill to be turned into 2 x6 boards for our fences. We had a lot of trees, and it only made sense to use them. After all they “grew up” on this property, they may as well stay here! �

2006……….time to bring the horses home!��

By August of�2006 we had the front turn out�leveled, sand delivered and now the race was on to get the fence up. Weather , mostly rain, had caused some delays but we completed the fence just in time. We had given notice at our boarding barn, so we needed to be ready to move for September 1, 2006.�

The front sand turn out as it looks now.

2007……..more to come

We purchsed our third horse in February of 2007. Rotating 3 horses through the front turn out soon became a chore.We did not want to reduce the size of the 60×60 front turn out by dividing it into 3 areas,�but �we really wanted all the horses to be able to be out at the same time. �We decided another addition needed to be built. We added 2 in and out stalls on the back of the barn. We decided that would be the future foaling area and made them big, 14 X 14 and 14 x 16, each with a small sand turn out.�My future pasture had been growing for a year, but not yet fenced in.