The Feathered Horse Farm

The Feathered Horse Farm Mission Statement- �We care for your horse as we do our own�. We care for all the horses entrusted to us as if they were ours! Rest assured, your horse will love it here!

Boarding at The Feathered Horse Farm

Located in Plympton, Ma. on 7 1/2 acres�,we offer oversized stalls available on a limited basis. Our smallest stall is 12 x 14 and our largest 14 X 16. This is a private barn, geared online automatenspiele kostenlos.�Your choice of grain is fed twice a day, premium hay 4-5 pound no deposit bonus a day based on your horses weight, not “number of flakes”,�well bedded , matted stalls; stalls picked and�cleaned 2-4 times a day, pasture turn out weather permitting, sand turn outs, use of 85 X 150 outdoor arena, blanketing as needed, �mineral blocks, weekly mashes, heated water buckets, automatenspiele kostenlos book of ra, hot water to the barn for bathing,�microwave oven and refrigerator�in the barn and much more.��If you are interested in boarding here contact us at i[email protected]

Requirements for Boarders

Participation�in our worming program is required, as is a recent negative Coggins testing. Shots must be maintained and up to date and owners are responsible for these�� costs. There are�no additional fees for administering owner provided wormers, or routine medications or supplements.�

Current Rates

�Our current rate for full board is only $500.00 a month.

Additional fees apply for vet or farrier holding, grooming, bathing, clipping or special requests.

We currently have only�1 stall available . Our goal is quality, not quantity.� We are a small private adult barn with lots to offer! �

Contact us at [email protected]

Veterinarian Services�

Black Pond Veterinary Service is our barn vet. You are free to bring in your own vet, but you may want to split a barn call instead of paying a full fee. Check out the vets and services Black Pond has to offer:

Farrier Service

Our in house farrier is Schembari Shoeing, certified farrier Joseph Schembari. Joe is very knowledgeable regarding corrective and balanced shoeing. You are welcome to use your own farrier, but we cannot say enough positive things about Joe! Joe graduated from Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center. Joe is married to Enika (see below) and they are truly a talented equestrian couple!

Barn Trainer

Enika Lucio Schembari

Enika Schembari is our�trainer at The Feathered Horse Farm� in Plympon,�Massachusetts.

In late 1994 Enika enrolled in Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center. She spent the next few years�perfecting her craft and receiving multiple master certifications including:

  • Riding masters VI
  • Training masters VI
  • Teaching masters V
  • Horse and barn management masters
  • Breeding certificate
  • Farrier I certificate
  • Business management certificate

�Enika is currently training Best and Fenna in dressage and will begin their show careers in the spring of 2008. If you would like to trailer-in your horse for a lesson with Enika contact us at [email protected].